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You will be given a diploma from Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology when you graduate from TOHO GAKUEN.

TOHO GAKUEN is a professional training college with accreditation from the Tokyo metropolitan government. The graduates of Toho Gakuen, who satisfies the standard of Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan, will be given a “diploma” upon graduation. Having a “diploma” allows you to get a job in Japan as well as transferring to universities (based on the standard of each university).


We provide the education that specializes in the entertainment industry.

TOHO GAKUEN provides the education that specializes in the entertainment industry such as TV, radio, film, animation, voice acting, concert, music, and entertainment. We train professionals that can be immediate assets to the team with the curriculum taught by teachers who are active in the field and focuses on practical ttraining in a professional studio, facility, and equipment.


The school is located in Shinjuku
where it is convenient to access entertainment spots.

In Shinjuku, where TOHO GAKUEN is located, has various entertainment spots such as "Lumine the Yoshimoto" is aired, live houses, and movie theaters. Also, it is convenient to go anywhere in Tokyo from Shinjuku.


Advantageous in employment and debuting
since we have strong connections with entertainment corporations!!
Many of our graduates are active in the entertainment field.

TOHO GAKUEN was founded based on the school founded by main education office of TBS so it is a school created from the entertainment scene. Utilizing the strong connection and broad network with entertainment industry cultivated in the tradition and history, many of our graduates are employed or debuted in the entertainment field. There are about 50,000 graduates. Many of them are active in the entertainment field.


International students from various countries are learning at TOHO GAKUEN.

There are international students from various countries in the world such as Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, United States, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand to aim to work in the entertainment field.

エンタメオープンキャンパスEntertainment Open Campus

  • 模擬授業を体験しよう!体験入学

    11月13日 (日) ・12月11日 (日)

  • 校舎見学もOK!! 気軽に説明だけ聞きたい方はこちら!学校説明会

    11月5日 (土) ・11月19日 (土)

  • イベント&スペシャル体験入学

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